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September 30, 2022

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  • Daniel Glover says:

    I have always enjoyed coming to this gym. It has the feeling of a spa, and is very relaxing, and rarely overcrowded. Wonderful staff and equipment. I have to say it is disappointing that they are removing the steam room to put in (needed) extra showers. This was the only branch of Fitness SF left that still had a steam room. I used it for its therapeutic benefits, as well as the fantastic hot tub (please please don’t remove it). I understand that these facilities require constant maintenance, but it was a major reason I often choose Fillmore over the other facilities, all of which I can walk to. I hope the trend to remove amenities doesn’t continue- not a reassuring sign.

  • Michael G says:

    Probably one of the best gyms I’ve been to…. Especially considering the small size. The staff is always pleasant, and despite small size of the men’s locker room, it’s kept clean. They have one of the best selections of ab machines, and have a really wide selection of other machines. If you like weights, they have plenty of weight racks. the pool rarely gets so crowded that you have to swim more than two people to a lane. I wish they would make the hot tub hotter, sometimes it’s okay but a lot of times it’s just not hot enough. FYI, they recently closed the steam room in the men’s locker room to increase the size of the men’s locker room, which makes having a hot hot tub even more important!

  • Allen Balderson says:

    Very disappointing. Time to stop saying you’re like a spa. After years of going here and enjoying all the amenities, even though it looks like you’re entering someone’s basement, they close the steam room without telling anyone. No notices posted anywhere, no emails to clients, only a surly staff member who curtly said, “It’s closed. Take it up with management.” I did do that only to get a response that they needed more shower room and maybe I should think about joining another gym. Wow, way to treat your clientele, guys! Also the sauna room is soon scheduled to close, but, no surprise, nobody knows why or when. Most of the staff just raise their hands and say, “Got me.” I thought maybe it was a cost operations issue, but they’re making money hand over fist with their new rates and limited things they offer. I gave it a single star because most of the machines work and most of the time you can find a mat and bolster to stretch. But, if it’s crowded, that’s pretty much out of the picture.

  • Alf Pardo says:

    The classes are great and there are many options to choose from throughout the week. If you enjoy dance fitness, this location is especially staffed with the best Zumba instructors. Try out Tricio’s classes–they are super fun and give you a great sweat! Staff and management are also ultra friendly and lively!

  • Thoa Mong says:

    The staff is very accommodating and friendly. It has everything i need here especially the sauna and jacuzzi.

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